Service of Training Guard for Businesses

To meet our customers’ need in security work, especially in defending reliably weak spots in explosion-fire risks, preventing evildoers from stealing, breaking into, data security, Dong A Company offers service of training guard for businesses.

Come to Dong A, your security staffs will be experienced basic and specialized training courses of optimal security competence.

We have designed methodical training syllabuses, provided, transmitted common security knowledge such as: firefighting, guarding at business organs, making security plans, patrolling, preventing from properties loss, books and forms that related to security work, applied law in security work, knowledge of medical first aid, rescuing emergency cases, martial strokes for self-defense, fighting and overpowering criminals, usage of supporting tools, safe equipment, burglar alarm system... 

Besides, Dong A Company will equip you competences of foreign language, behaviors communication in security work, needed virtuous characters of security guards…

Especially, in our training method, theory always goes together with practice. Staffs of your company will be experienced and practiced the trained knowledge with practical lively real situations to help them quickly apply to security work in order to gain the desired professional effects.

Having skillful, flexible, professional guards by Dong A’s Security Training Service will surely help your company fell secure about your human, properties, services that will be protected the best way.

Dong A always accompany and share with you.

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