Security Service

Dong A Company always supplies its customers and partners with absolutely safe, quality security services.

1. Security stationary target

- Patrol, guard and supervise every important area that requires high security such as: banks, hotels, buildings, offices, factories, enterprises, warehouses, ports, construction sites, private houses …

- Guard and keep security order, ensure and maintain security order for social-cultural programs such as performing shows, exhibition fairs, sport competitions, meeting....

2. Security mobile target:

Protect individual (bodyguard):

- Accompany, protect individuals at their work, residence and during trips, social events… The protecting content primarily includes: life, health (without origin from disease) and individual asset of the protected person.


 - Ensure security, safety for an individual or a group those who move from a stationary location to another location during a determined time.

Protect transporting goods:

- Ensure safety for high value goods, assets on the transporting way.

The security service qualities that have been supplied by Dong A are always improved because they are the convergent results of our specific characteristics:

- Experienced, professional staffs with qualified competence to work in group or self-reliance, high organizational sense and discipline, good ethics.

- Making optimal security plans is based on information collection and data synthesis from many other sources to optimize the service effects.

- Modern, professional equipment such as: metal detectors, camera systems, walkie-talkies, tear-gas guns, rubber-bullet guns, global positioning equipment…

- The regular and continuous checking, supervising our guards are carried out periodically and randomly to value the security plans that are undertaken with our customers.

- Advise our customers about effective security.

- Quick reaction team settles timely incidents that may happen in security targets.

- Apply informatics technology in relationships with our customers by the Extranet at website "" and manage our business by intranet.


Our power base on:

Connection - thought - technology - responsibility - discipline

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