History of the Company development

Dong A Security Service Co., Ltd. (precursor was Dong A Co., Ltd.) has been supplying security service in the market since October 1996 – Century 20; Its head office is in Hanoi with branches system in Ho Chi Minh City – Da Nang – Quang Ngai.
The company system enables it to timely meet the plemtiful and diversified needs of its customers nationswide in Vietnam.
: "Build, ensure and develop a safe security space"
Vision: "A vanguard, a guide in the security guard market".
Philosophy: "Always better, there is no the best".
Values that are dignified in business:" Faith, moral standard, behavior, respect for everybody, modern administration style and social public responsibility".

Our difference:
- Competence for advising customers.
- Competence for investigating happenings in the cecurity target.
- Competence for preventing, detecting and settling.

We have supplied security service nationwide with different specific characteristics such as:
Plants, enterprises, warehouses.
- Construction sites.
- Banks, offices.
- Urban zone, bulding, private house.
- Diplomatic organ and non-government organizations.
- Protect transporting goods, properties, escort money.
- Protect: fairs, exhibitions, performing shows...
- Protect individual (bodyguard)
- Convoy..

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